Salad for Dinner

Dear moms and daughters,

I cannot believe that summer is just about over. So what's for dinner? Well. Since I did not swim or go the gym like I hoped, and... I made several visits to 'Cream Valley Custard stand soooo many times, I thought it might be good to make more salads for our dinner as "A one dish meal." There are so many ways you can dress up the lettuce . Here I started the base using a mixture of chopped iceberg lettuce and romaine. I topped that with a mixture baby spinach and baby kale. Now for the fun part. Don't be afraid to get creative. One day I had BLTs for lunch and the same day I made chicken cutlets for our dinner. The next day since I had some bacon and chicken left over, I thought," hmm the babygrands will be here, and all I have been serving this summer seemed to be junk food. Tonight, we are gonna create a "mean salad." So I topped those greens with the chicken cutlets cut into strips, bacon,(I use uncured),avocado, sliced cucumber,chopped tomatoes, green apple sliced thin,slices of sharp cheddar cheese topped with feta cheese, & ground pepper. You can do most anything with these salads. If I had more time I would have added hard-boiled eggs as well and sliced then thin. I could go on and on..., Sugared coated nuts, sunflower seeds. :) I will post more ideas for salads as I make them. Enjoy eating healthy today!!!