Dear Moms and Daughters,

Below is a poem my mother wrote for Christmas. I would like to share it with you as we begin the celebration of the birth of our Savior! May God Bless you as you enjoy this time with your family!!

A KING WAS BORN written by, MaryJane Racite Zielsdorf

On a hillside of Bethlehem, a baby King did lay

Not found in majestic palace room, but on the lowly golden hay

He would never wear a crown of gold nor the robes of a King adorn

But one day stripes would scar His back and His crown would be of thrones

As Mary held her baby son, Tiny finger in hers entwined

Someday these hands would heal and touch and open the eyes of the blind

His little mouth so sweetly smiled, A gentle cooing noise

And would someday teach to multitudes, All earth would hear his voice

His little feet were tightly wrapped, in swaddling clothes so warm

and one day they would walk on water, and calm the raging storm

His tiny heart did softly beat, close to his mothers embrace

This heart would be broken and crushed, for the sins of the lost human race

We celebrate the Christmas season, with parties and gifts and mirth

Our trees are trimmed and lighted, in celebration of His birth

One day upon Golgotha's hill, there stood another tree,

hanging there was Mary's son, the King from Galilee

But there the story does not end, our hearts with joy His promise brings

He will return to take us home, for He's our King of Kings !! ,