Written by My Mother, Mary Jane

If I could take my yesterdays that gave me grief and pain,

If I could change a choice I've made, causing loss instead of gain

If I could steady my feeble walk as I stumbled down life's road,

If I had taken God's sure hand, He would have lifted my heavy load.

If I had given more of time, to others in my life,

If I had helped in some small way,to encourage in their strife

If I had read more of God's Word, His guidance to receive,

If I had just obeyed His voice, His wisdom to achieve.

If I had only witnessed, when doors were opened wide

If I had boldly spoken and closed the door on pride.

If I can find forgiveness, for wasted days gone by

If I can start a fresh and new, before my time to die.

If I can use the rest of my life, and be fruitful for the Lord,

to hear Him say well done my child, you have earned a good reward.