The Sacrificial Lamb

By Mary Jane Racite Zielsdorf

Along Via Dolorosa came the image of a man

tortured, broken, and disfigured to fulfill God's sovereign plan

He struggled beneath the heavy cross towards Golgotha, hill of death,

mocked and scourged and spit upon stumbling with bated breath

They took and lay Him upon a tree, drove nails in His hands and feet.

Placed a thorny crown deep into His brow, made his kingly appearance complete.

hanging there in anguish and pain they drove a spear into His side,

He whispered "Forgive them Father" then He took His last breath and died.

The sky grew dark the earth did shake, The temple veil was rent in twain

the course of the world was changed that day. For the Lamb of :God was slain.

They lay him in a borrowed tomb. Rolled a stone across the door,

Roman guards were stationed outside, to keep the door secure.

Then came the first day of the week, the stone was moved! An empty tomb!

The Lamb of God is Risen! Our precious Savior gave His life, took our place upon that tree,

He conquered death forever more from sin to set us free!